The Many Faces of Autism....

There is a saying,
If you have met one person with autism... you have met one person with autism."

Each person is an individual and has unique needs and should be treated as an individual and not solely by their diagnosis.  Although there are some shared similarities and impairments, each child, teen and adult have their own challenges and successes. 

That is why a 'one size fits all' treatment approach does not work for all. 


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I believe in you

November-December 2007


Children with Autism are believed to lack empathy...

Good Reads....

Spring 2018

Books on Autism and more...

Seeing the Child not just the diagnosis

April 2018


Your child is so more than a diagnosis - never forget that...

Services and Considerations

Special Needs 

Children diagnosed with ASDs have a variety of special needs including communication, sensory differences, speech, stereotypical movement disorders, rigidity, transition issues, and more...


Assessments are crucial in determining what your child needs and the best practice in treatment plans to ensure their needs are being met.

You are your child's best advocate, research 'what' will be assessed, 'how' it will be performed and especially 'Who' will be performing the assessment.  Quality and Competence is paramount.

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