"We were overwhelmed with the diagnosis and all the decisions which needed to be made about our child.  Susan was able to calm many of our concerns and guide us to the services and strategies that worked best for our child.  CM

"Susan consulted with the other team members in the school and determine what some of the root causes of the behaviors were and implement a behavior plan that actually worked and diminished many of them.  This was something that was desperately needed, but not being offered by the other services we were receiving."  TC

These services are so valuable to a parent because there is so much we do not know that Susan and Holly are able to decipher.  The sensory adaptations and other suggestions worked!  Our son's life is much more peaceful for him and for us.  Thank you!!!!


"Who would have thought that so much could change for the better in such a short time.  Having dealt with other people in behavioral health, the approach that Susan takes is so unique and specific to the individual child.  Maybe that is why it was so successful.  Thank you for restoring more stability into our lives by helping our son with his unique needs." LC